Portraits of Mental Health


Portraits of Mental Health

A selection of images of the tribes and traditions from the Omo Valley, South Ethiopia.

The types of mental health and the journeys that have been taken are as varied as the people who are affected by them.

Portraits of mental health is an ongoing mental health awareness photography project. The project’s main aim is to help end the stigma attached to mental health issues by sharing inspirational stories and portraying the real people behind the labels.

About The Project

The aim of this ongoing project is to raise awareness for the different types of mental health issues, the variety of individuals affected by them and to present a positive message of hope and support.

By sharing inspirational stories and personal experiences from people all over the country I hope this project will support the message that you are not alone and there is help out there. Mental health issues can affect people of all ages, races, religions and from all social backgrounds and situations. It’s ok to not be ok!

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